Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Connect With Chapel Hill's Youngest Residents

By Elizabeth Shugg

Some of Chapel Hill’s newest residents can’t drive, vote or open a checking account, but they play a vital role in weaving the community together. Our children represent youthful innocence, hope and happiness. Understandably, their needs intensify when they encounter new surroundings. As John W. Whitehead wrote in “The Stealing of America” in 1983, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”

Author Anne R. Pierce offers a stinging critique of current child-rearing practices in her book, “Ships Without a Shore: America’s Undernurtured Children,” and extols the importance of adult role models in children’s lives. “Children learn how to be mature and responsible through the predominant influence of adult role models. Absent that dominant influence, they tend to acquire those traits which allow them to function in a chaotic world… Rather than developing the traits that would allow them to relate maturely to another human being, they are forced to learn about human relationships from their immature peers.”

Thus, adults nurture the circle of life and ensure a better future for mankind when they tend to a child’s mental, physical and emotional needs.

Anne was recently interviewed by Dr. Alvin Jones, who broadcasts on WCBQ-WHNC-AM, out of Oxford, N.C. Dr. Jones has interviewed hundreds of professionals and celebrities--from Dr. Laura to Dionne Warwick.

Not only do many New Resident Solutions members have children of their own, they connect with children outside their immediate family through charitable services and volunteer efforts. We’ve launched a New Kids & New Moms page to offer more information on the various ways in which our members mentor children. Moms new to the area will also benefit from the resources on this page.

Nurturing Talents

New Resident Solutions’ newest member, Bright Horse Farm and Art Studio in Pittsboro, offers children and adults a unique opportunity to blend horses with art. Nestled in Chatham County’s picturesque countryside, Bright Horse Camps for children begin June 2 and extend through Aug. 22. Equestrian Director Cindy McWilliams focuses on equestrian experiences during the morning camp hours, and Art Director Kim Greene teaches art lessons in the afternoon. You can view pictures of the farm here. New Resident Solutions Horses in North Carolina page also offers additional equestrian information for the region.

Art recently made a “Lasting Impression” on several Chapel Hill children who attended Turning Point Gallery’s recent reception for Washington-based painter Maeve Harris and Colorado-based sculptor Wayne Salge. (See below photo.)
In June, gallery owners Jerri and Garry Meldrum will offer more opportunities for children to connect with art when they profile acrylic artist, Wilfred, who was born in Shanghai and currently resides in Amsterdam. Wilfred is living proof that children can benefit from art at an early age. He started watercolor painting at the age of 7, and attended art schools in China and Hong Kong, where he began his modern contemporary work. Learn more here.

Local playhouses, such as Deep Dish Theater Company and Playmakers Repertory Company also nourish children’s minds. Carolina Cleaners handles all of the dry cleaning for both of these theaters, as well as costumes from 12 additional playhouses across the country. (By the way, now is a great time to save a little gas money by signing up for Carolina Cleaners’ pickup and delivery service.)

Search for additional ways to nurture your children’s talents though Triangle TRACKS, a portal website created by former Fifteen501 magazine editor Elizabeth Shugg that consolidates all of the resources for children across the Triangle. Through this site, you can access an extensive directory of camps, education resources, youth sports leagues, birthday party venues, museum exhibits and much more.

Stay tuned for part 2 of “Connect With Chapel Hill’s Youngest Residents,” which we’ll post next week. You’ll learn how New Resident Solutions members are also nurturing children's values and growing bodies.

New Resident Solutions News

New Resident Solutions uses the Internet to make connections between new residents of Chapel Hill and community leading businesses in a variety of ways. From the Community Connections and Green Ambition blogs, to regular online press releases and event publishing efforts via social networking directories, Business Value Creation is ensuring that these member businesses pop up quickly during keyword searches. This is a newcomer/small business win-win.

Expanded New Resident Solutions page sponsorship opportunities will soon be available. Each page can accommodate a maximum of 10 170x80 pixel sponsorship buttons. For $75, New Resident Solutions members get 5 buttons with button seniority, which allows members to choose where the buttons appear on our website. Members will also be included in our blog copy. Associate members can also purchase 5 buttons for $75, but may or may not be included in our web copy.

Check out this month’s Green Ambition Blog to learn how our members are making environmentally friendly business choices.

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